The world’s largest solar bridge

Last Wednesday saw the launch of the largest solar bridge in the world, as thousands of commuters took the chance to have a cup of tea on the house, whilst learning all about the 1.1MWp solar PV system on the roof of the station which straddles the Thames.  The giant cup represents the 79,000 cups of tea that can be made each day using the electricity generated by the solar PV system.

Solarcentury, who designed and installed the solar roof also produced a great infographic describing this iconic project, visit to see.


Construction took place whilst the station was operational, highlighting that solar can deployed almost anywhere. That said, it took a team with major solar project design & installation experience to work in such a high-risk environment.


Images courtesy of Solarcentury



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  1. Greenlytes


    Sorry, I’m a little confused. I clearly see the solar panels covering a bridge. I assume this bridge is non operational (closed to traffic)?

    • andy

      The Sanyo Hybrid modules cover the roof, the station is mounted on the bridge and folk can access via the North or South…


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