Planet Solar NI brings the best available solar PV products to Northern Ireland, in partnership with the most experienced design and installation teams. We know there is a bewildering choice of panels and installers available today, and we believe you have the right to expect the very best of everything at a realistic price. From the panels we supply to the very last cable our experienced teams install, we focus on the highest available quality.

Planet Solar NI is MCS accredited to design and install solar PV (NIC3940) and a member of RECC.

We work with REW Solar AG, one of Germany’s most respected, independent manufacturers of premium-performance solar panels. This is not a new partnership. We have worked with the REW team since they entered the UK market in 2010. Together we have installed over 3MWp of solar across 700 individual installations, ranging from 1kWp to 250kWp. Our shared success is based on providing our customers with:

  • the best performing products
  • the longest available performance warranties
  • the highest aesthetic appeal
“My solar light has been helping me so much since I bought it. My children use it for reading, I use it in the kitchen and for lighting during conversation in the evening. I have a small farm and vegetable garden, which are my source of money, and I use the light while I water my garden. I have saved a lot of money because I used to buy a lot of kerosene, about two litres per week. Since I purchased the light I have stopped buying kerosene and can buy stationery for my children. Now I wish I could get another one for my last child who has already started school”.Farasa Mlay, from Kilimanjaro in Tanzania 

To capture the full range of benefits going solar provides, your solar PV system needs to be designed and installed to last for decades. Our Head Of Projects has been installing solar PV in N. Ireland since 2005. We don’t know of anyone with more time served. After your solar PV system has been installed, tested and commissioned, we will personally inspect and sign-off before we hand over to you.

We are obsessed with customer service. From your initial contact with us and throughout the project lifecycle, we aim to provide a safe and reassuring pair of hands. We believe that by delivering an exceptional customer experience you will be happy to recommend us to your friends and family, and let other people know that we have delivered on our promises. We recommend you review our customer testimonials or speak with an existing customer before you buy. It is our customers who determine how good our service levels really are.



We’ve been doing this long enough to know there should be more to a solar business than just installing panels. We have therefore made a unique pledge to the charity, Solar Aid. We will subsidise the cost of a solar lantern everytime someone buys a solar PV system from us. Here’s why this is so important:

Most families across Africa currently use kerosene for lighting, which can cost a fifth of a family’s weekly spend, sometimes more. Light costs you or me, proportionately, at least a thousand times less. Imagine what a family could do with these savings. Farasa Mlay, from Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, bought a solar light last month.

It currently costs SolarAid £6 each time they sell a solar light at a price families can afford. Our problem right now is that we need to fund the cost to meet the demand we are creating, and the added cost will begin to fall as the market for solar lights grows.

The idea is simple. Planet Solar donates £1 for every module we install. For every £3 that Planet Solar donates, the cost of a solar light will be shared with a family like Farasa’s. £18 will share the cost for six families, £150 – fifty, and so on. That’s better school grades, more light time, less money wasted and much less filthy smoke in the home. What extraordinary value. We’re the first solar business in N. Ireland to do this, and we wish every solar business would follow our lead.