UK hits 8.4 GW of solar capacity (that’s 8,437,000 kWp)

Remaining Europe’s biggest solar market for the second year running, cumulative solar PV capacity in the U.K. hit 8.437 GW at the end of November 2015, across 815,505 systems, according to DECC.

Installed capacity is said to have increased 67%, or 3.4 GW over the past year. In the same period last year, 2.168 GW were added. 

The UK installed over 3.4GW of solar in 2015











Representing 47% of total installations, capacity accredited under the Renewables Obligation – accounted for 3.946 GW, while capacity eligible for FITs stood at 3.615 GW.

The U.K. has seen its solar sector flourish in the past few years, with capacity increasing from just 223 MW in 2011, to over 8.4 GW today. However, despite a predicted boom in Q1, set to be bigger than the over 2 GW installed last Q1, the market is set to contract significantly this year, following cuts to the UK’s solar remuneration system and VAT status.

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