Think BIG

We’ve always avoided the trap of saying we’re the leading solar energy company in Northern Ireland. We’re certainly not the biggest but that’s never been our ambition. We’d like to think we’re one of the best and our recent Action Renewables Award suggests we’re up there… We measure our success in part by the quality of the systems we design and install, and the trust we build that’s reflected in our customer testimonials. Because we’re smaller than some, we always aim high and think big. So we also measure our impact by working with key partners whose scale dwarfs ours, but whose values we share and trust. Two of these key partners are Solar Aid and Triodos Bank.

We donate £1 to Solar Aid for EVERY module we install, so when our customers choose Planet Solar they also help provide free, clean light to a family in rural Africa. In March this year, the 1,000,000 solar lights milestone was reached and the video below says THANK YOU to everyone that made this possible. We’re immensely proud to have played our part:

And we bank with Triodos, Europe’s leading sustainable bank. So our money is secure, your investment in solar is safe and we help fund renewable projects, organic farming, community projects and ecological construction across the globe.

By making small changes, we can all make a big difference…



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