I have just received my first electricity bill with solar panels working for a full period. For the months of mid-May to mid-July this year is £22, last year same period it was £57 and I will be getting paid for power put into grid and earn NIROC income. Last year’s bill might have been based on a SSE estimate and I have probably become better at turning things off, even so it is a bigger drop than I was expecting not least following last Autumn’s 18% SSE price increase. Thank you Andy.

Robert Price, Belfast


We started looking at solar last year after several mail shots in the post. We rang numerous companies from the MCS website and invited several to survey. It was very easy to do business with Planet Solar. They provided a detailed design and quotation, and explained exactly what was involved including Building Control and grid-connection. Their pricing was competitive and we believe they offered better advice, proven experience and more value for money.

Lyle Watson, Ballymena


A good friend recommended Planet Solar to us, so we arranged for a survey and consultation. We have a tree-lined plot and an air-tight home built to high thermal standards. The main house was found to be unsuitable for solar so Andy carried out a detailed assessment of our potting shed including shade from surrounding trees. We decided to install a 3kWp system. Although the affect of shade reduced output predictions we have been delighted with how the system has performed and see lower bills as a result. The system was commissioned in late August 2013 and has produced over 1,400 units of clean electricity to date so we’re confident we’ll beat the predicted output of 2,138 kWh as the summer approaches. Andy keeps in touch and is always on hand to answer any questions as they arise.


Mike Bland, Dromore


I first worked with Andy during 2007/08 when we both worked on Northern Ireland’s first zero carbon home in Holywood, the Green House which featured a 4kWp solar slate array to meet zero-carbon standards. When we decided to go solar at home last year, Planet Solar NI was our obvious choice. Andy applied the same attention to detail when designing and installing our system that he always has. Despite his years of experience, he treats every project as a unique job and designed an array specific to our home and requirements. Whether working on new-build or retro-fit, Planet Solar NI make going solar simple and it is reassuring to have someone that you can trust.

Graham & Glynnis Shilliday, Saintfield


We decided to wait for several months before writing to you about our experience of working with Planet Solar NI, to see how things worked out. Although we installed in late October, we saw our electricity bill drop immediately, and we appreciate the time you took to explain how to make best use of the solar electricity we are generating. Now the days are getting longer and brighter, our Direct Debit has been revised from £82/month to just £35/month so we’ll save £564/year before the additional benefit of export and NIROC’s are factored. I’ve attached the two review letters that show the savings:




This is a fantastic result. We spoke with several installers before deciding who to work with, the Planet Solar NI difference was clear – and I was very confident everything would work out as planned. In the unlikely event of a problem I knew I could call you – personally – not a call centre or another individual who was not connected to our project. Having worked closely with you and the Planet Solar NI team, we would recommend any one thinking seriously about going solar to get in touch. Thanks again and best wishes for continued success.

Mark & Marie Bradshaw, Toomebridge


We spoke with several companies before choosing Planet Solar NI. There were many good reasons to go with Andy and the team, and his attention to detail throughout the process was reassuring. He prepared a detailed proposal including a full system design report so we knew exactly what we were getting. We liked that he has been designing solar with the same German manufacturer since 2010 so he knows how to optimise system performance based on real-world experience across hundreds of projects. Following installation, he personally tested and inspected the system to ensure everything met his exacting standards. He helped us complete all registration paperwork and provided a detailed Owners Manual for future reference. We discussed our plan to invest in an electric car during the handover, and he has since installed a car-charging point for us. We are now reviewing a range of technologies with Planet Solar NI to further our transition to a low carbon household. His ongoing commitment to helping with this is fantastic.

It was difficult to differentiate companies until we met with Andy. Having worked with the team at Planet Solar NI we are convinced we chose the most experienced team to help us go solar.

Sean & Ita McCann, Ahoghill


A good friend got us interested in going solar and put us in touch with Andy at Planet Solar NI. We had several roofs that seemed suitable including the main house. During the survey, Andy assessed the voltage drop between several buildings and was then able to recommend the most suitable roof in terms of maximum system output per kWp. He visited us to review the options and we decided to proceed with a solar array on our barn roof. This is very old, natural slate and the roofing team repaired the roof as they went with reclaimed slates. In all, over 100 slates were replaced and the roof is now good for the foreseeable future. We have produced nearly 1,200 units of solar electricity since the system was commissioned at the end of November. We even produced 16 units on Christmas Day and hit 30 units on several days this year. Andy has a meticulous approach to solar design and prioritised system performance throughout. We have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is looking seriously at going solar.



Brian & Rose Henderson, Holywood


We decided to go solar this summer and appointed Planet Solar NI to design and install our system. Our priorities when selecting a contractor were experience, and technical knowledge.  We were seeking a high-performance system to maximise the savings we could make on our electricity bill and provide hot water during the summer without running the central heating. Planet Solar NI helped us evaluate the options and clearly explained how their performance figures were worked out. We decided to go for their Premium Plus system which includes a 40 year performance warranty and remote monitoring. We have a 25-YEAR old fibre-cement slate roof and the roofing team carefully installed the system without any damage to the roof. The electrical installation was also very neat and quickly done – including installing an access hatch into our garage roof space, and an Immersun to divert surplus power & maximise hot water potential. We were kept well informed of progress throughout the project, and Andy provided a full handover of the system and helped us complete the NIROC’s paperwork a couple of days after installation. Although we looked at a number of alternatives, Planet Solar NI offered the best long-term value for money, the most in-depth technical know-how, and a problem-free installation of a reliable solution. Having worked with their experienced team, we would recommend them without hesitation.


Mr David Torrens, Garvagh


We recently installed a 5.17kWp PV system with Planet Solar NI. The system was installed over two days and both the roof work and internal electrical installation were completed extremely neatly. A couple of days after installation, Andy returned to carry out a full handover and we completed all the NIROC and system registration paperwork together. At 15:45 on the Friday, the system was producing 4.99kWp. We shopped around before deciding who to work with. We chose Planet Solar NI because of their thorough design approach and focus on providing the best of everything at a realistic price.

Mr Graeme Ewart, Aghalee


We have just had Solar electric installed by Planet Solar NI.  What a pleasure from start to finish, friendly and co-operative during the contract session, answered all questions promptly and well.  The installation was carried out promptly and to the dates scheduled.  It was installed quickly, all work was neat and tidy, cleanly and in a very friendly manner.  Although it is early days the system seems to be ”doing exactly what it says on the tin” and has more than met our early expectations.  I am a very happy customer.

Mr Doug Hare, Limavady


We recently installed a Planet Solar NI system and found them very easy to deal with. From start to finish, Andy was thorough and took time to work out exactly what we wanted. We also liked that he dealt with us directly throughout the project. There was a short delay with the delivery from Germany but he informed us of progress throughout. He didn’t just sell the system, he designed it, project managed the installation and then returned with a comprehensive owners manual to handover the system.

Mr Harry Ditty, Castledawson


Very knowledgeable, professional and helpful throughout. The property involved is non-optimal in terms of location but the supplier made me aware of this and the probable output from the system. The installers were courteous and neat and did a great job overall. The system is performing slightly ahead of predicted output.

Mr Brian Lewis, Newtownabbey


The Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service has a strong track record of environmental and sustainability performance. Our core focus is to reduce fire incidence, and respond promptly to fires to reduce carbon emissions directly. Over the last five years, we have recorded a 39% fall in fire incidence with CO2 savings of 7,522 tonnes. We have extended our sustainability focus to include transport, resource management, waste minimisation and energy.

We worked alongside Andy during 2012 to develop our solar strategy, and we envisage the installation of solar PV across our estate of buildings and fire stations. Following economic and technical feasibility reporting, we allocated a budget to install approx 130kWp across three sites during FY 2012/13. Andy provided a detailed performance, quality and experience specification that enabled us to integrate our tender with an existing supplier framework. Andy undertook a detailed analysis of the multiple tender submissions and was able to verify the supplied data. This reinforced our decision making process and ultimate contractor selection.

Post contractor selection, Andy continued to support us as we prepared for the construction phase of the project and has maintained a genuine interest in the project beyond his scope of direct responsibility.

This first phase represents a significant investment for GMFRS, and even more ambitious investment is planned next year. We found real value in employing Andy’s services, he is a PV industry insider with over seven years experience of system design, specification and installation and provided very practical as well as technical input.

Andy provides a level of solar focused services that are not readily available from the usual Low Carbon and M&E practices, and we would recommend Andy as a trusted and experienced solar professional.

Mr Sam Pickles – Environment Manager, GMFRS


I worked with Andy between 2007 and 2010, when solar was just getting going in N. Ireland. We started by installing integrated solar tiles on an existing property and were amazed how fast and simple the project was. We installed two further systems on existing properties, and then integrated solar with a re-roof project. After two years of all systems performing ahead of expectations, we started working with Andy on new-build projects where solar became part of construction programmes. Across multiple projects, he always provided impartial advice, and supplied industry leading technology with the highest available performance. I researched the market before and after working with Andy and his team, and always found he provided best value for money, and impeccable service standards throughout the project life-cycle. I know of no one else who has deployed more of this exciting technology in N. Ireland. He’d be the first to admit he’s a solar evangelist, and he’s spent many, long years developing the market in N. Ireland. I would recommend Andy as an experienced and trusted solar professional without hesitation.

Mr Alan Rea, Belfast