Solar savings and performance


We installed 4.8kWp of premium solar on behalf the Torrens family in Garvagh in August 2013. The system was extended in late February 2014 with an additional 1.5kWp of solar. Here’s the latest update on solar performance:

Hi Andy – just thought I would drop you a line to update you on the performance of the 6 Perlight panels you installed on our garage two years ago this w/e – as per insert below they are just hitting on the 100% of expected yield – which is fine but as you would probably expect not quite as good as the REW which are still performing at 115% of projected MCS two and a half years later! 

As you can see we are still pretty consistently using about 1/3 for Hot Water; 1/3 other uses; and exporting 1/3; or from another perspective between 33% & 50% of the total electricity we use is solar generated (depending on whether we include the Immersun or not).

To date, both arrays are performing consistently and predictably. We have a full suite of generation and consumption data if anyone is interested in looking at the detail of how solar panels in Northern Ireland can dramatically reduce grid-dependence and provide measurable savings.

Installed in August 2013, this 4.8kWp array has consistently performed at 115% of MCS projected output.
A further 1.5kWp of economy solar was added in February 2014 which has performed in-line with MCS projections.





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