From concept to completion, your project will be in the hands of experienced and qualified professionals. After the initial survey and system specification, your project will be managed by one of our highly qualified teams of accredited electricians and solar panel installers. We provide full post installation customer support, and dedicated telephone points of contact during working hours with interactive email contact facilities out of hours.

Installation of Roof Mounted Systems

Our tried-and-tested mounting system consists of roof hooks that are fixed to the rafters. We do NOT penetrate the tiles or slates on your roof. Proprietary Solar PV aluminium mounting rails are then fixed to the roof hooks. Waterproof flashing is secured over the roof hooks on slate or thin-leading edge concrete tiles, to ensure a long-term and fully weather-proof finish. The PV modules are then fixed to the mounting rails and secured in place.



Electrical Installation

The Solar PV modules are electrically connected by a single cable in series to form ‘strings’ in a combination which is compatible with the specified inverter.

Planet Solar will only install inverters certified as G83/1 compliant for use in Northern Ireland. This certification can be supplied on request. Inverters convert the DC power produced by the solar PV modules during daylight hours, into AC power suitable for parallel connection to the mains utility (230 Vac / 50Hz).

Inverters are usually installed alongside the AC isolators in a suitable location (e.g. ventilated loft space, garage or meter cupboard). Access to the equipment is important for commissioning the system and there must be a 15-20cm gap around the inverter to allow air flow around the unit.


As part of your installation we will install an OFGEM approved Generation Meter. This meter is used to display the amount of kilowatt hours, or units, your Solar PV system has generated from the date of commissioning. You will be asked to provide Power NI with an annual reading from this meter in order to claim your NIROC’s payments.