Solar panels with industry leading performance standards are fitted to your roof and linked together in series. They convert daylight into clean, carbon-free electricity… even on overcast days.

Solar PV is one of the simplest of all renewable energy technolgies – simple to design, simple to install and simple to own. Solar PV is also one of the most predictable and reliable technologies available, with no moving parts, silent in operation and self-cleaning by rainwater run-off. Here’s how it works…



Your solar electric system is connected to the utility grid through your existing consumer unit and electricity meter. No batteries or storage equipment is required.

We will apply to NIE on your behalf and request the installation of an export meter which counts the surplus units of electricity you don’t use. You will be paid 5.59p for every unit you export. Based on the size of system you wish to install and your consumption profile, we can provide specific guidance on how this affects the financial benefits of going solar.

Planet Solar supply a wireless personal display as standard with your installation. This can be placed in your lounge or anywhere that you choose. This features push button controls and communicates with your inverter to show current and cumulative electricity generation from your solar installation as well as how much CO2 you have saved, and income you have earned. We have found that when customers can see how much they have saved by generating their own electricity, they become more interested in energy efficiency. Simple changes in behaviour can provide further savings at little or no cost.