Google gives SolarAid a chance to light up Africa

SolarAid is a finalist in the Google Global Impact Challenge and is calling for the renewable sector to get behind them and vote!

We can now announce the fantastic news that SolarAid has a chance to win a £500,000 Google Global Impact Award: for four British non-profits using technology and innovation to tackle the world’s toughest problems and transform lives.

“I appeal to solar fans everywhere to please get behind SolarAid and to support them in the Global Impact Challenge. Please do everything you can to spread the word!”.– Jeremy Leggett, Chairman and Founder of SolarAid and Solarcentury

Seeing pico-solar as the gateway to technology access, SolarAid has distributed over 450,000 solar lights, reaching over two million people so far with solar lights that can: ‘most quickly improve the lives of the world’s poorest people’ ( – Lighting the Way)

By the end of 2020 SolarAid aims to have transformed the lives of half a billion people living off-grid with access to solar technology.

Please click here to Vote for SolarAid

Or go to the SolarAid website for details about the challenge and how to get involved.

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