Ethan’s Solar Aid Challenge

Thousands of families in Africa live with dangerous Kerosene as their only source of light, and I want to help change that, and reduce poverty for them at the same time. so I’ve decided to live without electric light, phone, computer and TV for five days to raise money for SolarAid.

I spent a lot of my summer holiday making this three minute Stop-motion Animation video. I wanted to explain why SolarAid can make such a big difference to the families in Africa by harnessing technology in a unique way. Please watch it to find out why SolarAid is not “just another charity” and why I want to support it. It also stars my little brother!

I’ve seen how a small amount of money can create such huge and sustainable change to children’s health, education, reducing poverty, as well as helping the environment. I know how lucky my family are to have access to safe light by flicking a switch, and how access to light is one of the keys to escaping poverty. I want the same thing for all families.

If you would like to sponsor me or see how my challenge is going, please visit my Just Giving page.

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