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Askam Construction is passionate about quality and the environment. The firm is accredited to BS EN ISO 14001:2004 having first achieved the accreditation in September 2005. Since 1986, Askam’s business has grown through their reputation for delivering quality projects that always meet, and often exceed Clients’ expectations. This ethos continues to drive the business forward today, offering a variety of construction and civil engineering services for private and public sector Clients, both nationally and internationally.

During the Spring of 2011, Askam applied for planning permission to re-roof their Oakenclough depot. In response to rising energy prices, the application included solar and drawings were prepared to support the application. During the design phase, we focused on a balanced and symmetrical module layout, that complimented the new roof. We specifically avoided the roof lights to ensure natural light within the building was maximised, and so reduced lighting costs. Planning permission was granted in early Summer 2011.

We operate in a competitive market, where system performance can be overlooked in the interests of lower capital cost. We provided a range of performance data using SAP 2009, and site-specific design software that factors local climatic data, and the specific module, inverter and cable specifications proposed. Here’s an overview of the system design:

  • 208No. REW Premium Plus 240W black-framed modules
  • 2No.SMA 17000TL + 1No. SMA 15000TL Tri-Power inverters
  • Output based on SAP 2009: 41,014 kWh (specific yield 821.6 kWh/kWp)
  • Designed output: 43,142 kWh (specific yield 864.2 kWh/kWp)
The installation was completed in one week during October 2011 and we included SMA’s Sunny Webbox to enable Askam and ourselves to monitor performance over time. We now have a full year’s performance data and can compare predicted output with actual.

The Jan 2012 – Dec 2012 recorded output is 43,315 kWh (specific yield 867.7 kWh/kWp) and we still have a couple of weeks of generation to accrue. This compares positively with the predicted performance proposed at design stage:
  • +5% output compared with SAP 2009
  • + 0.4% compared with the designed output

The REW Premium Plus system installed on behalf of Askam Construction provides the following, unique benefits:

POWER TOLERANCE: +7 to +12% (+9% average based on Photon lab testing) Vs. the industry standard of +/- 3%. This positive power tolerance maximises output, carbon and electricity savings and NIROC’S income. In real terms, the proposed 240W Premium Plus modules will each produce 262Wp on average (in the range 257Wp – 269Wp).
PERFORMANCE WARRANTY: 90% after 30 years Vs. the industry standard of 80% after 25 years and degradation at a rate of just 0.333% pa, compared with the industry standard of 0.8% pa.
REW PREMIUM PLUS MODULES are available with all-black frames and backing. We also install black fixings and end-caps for an unrivalled and discrete aesthetic.

We believe you can have the best of everything for a realistic price. From concept to completion, we focus on supplying the best performing systems, designed and installed by the most experienced teams.
We’re here to make going solar simple. To find out more, contact us HERE.

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