Since 2005, our team has installed solar PV on almost every imaginable roof type:

  • Tiled and slate pitched roofs
  • Composite metal deck roofs
  • Trapezoidal roofs
  • Flat and ptiched membrane roofs
  • Standing seam roofs

The range of system types and technologies is also extremely diverse, including:

  • Building integrated C21e tiles and slates
  • Building integrated vertical facades
  • Building integrated solar glazing (glass-to-glass laminates)
  • Semi-integrated (in-roof) large-format slates
  • Thin-flim, amorphous modules
  • Fixed and ballasted flat-roof systems
  • Solar trackers

We have worked across almost all sectors including:

  • Private domestic
  • New-build & Retro-fit
  • Social Housing
  • Agricultural
  • Large-scale Industrial
  • Further & Higher education
  • Health
  • Manufacturing
  • Community & Charitable
  • Retail

We know from experience that solar PV can be installed on almost any roof type. If you would like to discuss our experience with any of the above roof types and technologies, in any of the above sectors then please just get in touch via our contact us page.