5% and an idea from Lima

Planet Solar is already a proud member of the 5% club, and everyone of our customers and key stakeholders is aware of the massive impact Solar Aid has across rural Africa. As 2014 draws to a close please read and watch Jeremy Leggett’s personal message and let’s turbo-charge Solar Aid through 2015 and beyond…

Hello from the climate summit in Peru.

Here, 10,000 people mostly worried about climate change and development know how quickly we are running out of time to act. We need ambitious examples of projects that work. You can smell the need for it in this city of tents.

I’m living in hope that I know of two. First, I want to create a club of companies donating 5% of their profits to the struggle against climate change and for development. Second, I want to turbo-charge an organisation, SolarAid, that proves how much social good you can do for climate and development with 5% of a company’s profits.

Solarcentury, a solar company I founded, donates 5% of its profits each year to SolarAid, which is a charity of its own creation. SolarAid has in turn created a social venture, SunnyMoney, that sells solar lights in Africa, recycling 100% of profits to the cause of replacing every filthy oil-burning lantern in Africa with solar lighting by 2020. That would be one massive hit for development and against climate change.

SolarAid and SunnyMoney need to accelerate fast into new countries: to strengthen the team for that expansion, and give them resources for the task. Existing funders tend to prefer giving donations for specific projects. But the stronger the core team is the faster SolarAid moves, the more it can be an examplar for other companies to copy in the 5% For-Climate-And-Development Club.

Why a crowdfunding campaign? I’m a great believer that people power will be  a vital ingredient of a sane, survivable future. SolarAid and SunnyMoney show how people-power funding in the developed world can fuel people-power energy – literally! – via solar lighting in the developing world.

SolarAid is an continent-wide dream with a big chance of coming true. The 5% club is a global dream with a fighting chance of coming true. If ordinary people can help bring both these dreams alive, fast, we create hope of a road to wider wider renaissance in the years to come.

Please join me, support my APPEAL over Christmas and into the New Year, and lets  light a great big candle for hope for these climate negotiators to respond to.

Best seasonal wishes


Dr Jeremy Leggett

Founder and Chairman, Solarcentury & SolarAid Chairman, CarbonTracker & Firefly Clean Energy Author, The Energy of Nations

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