Another 4kWp + solar lantern

We recently commissioned a 4kWp Premium+ system on behalf of Harry Morrow, Banbridge. Harry is a partner of WRX Eyeworks, a local optical business that supplies high-quality, on-trend designs to independent practices across the UK & Ireland.

We were one of several companies hoping to help Harry go solar and were the only solar company offering a 30 year performance warranty, guaranteed by REW of Germany. Although Harry has a large roof with space for over 6kWp of solar, we looked at his energy use profile and recommended a system that covers all of his daytime requirements.

“I left for work on the Monday morning and the panels were neatly in place when I returned.  We’re at the top of the town and experience very high winds at times. Planet Solar explained how they rigorously design to industry standards and avoid the ridge-line and eaves where wind pressure loading is greatest. The chimney stack casts a shadow earlier in the day, so they ensured the system experiences zero-shading to maximise performance and therefore savings and NIROC’s income. They also noted the escape hatch above the garage and ensured the system is clear of this in line with Building Regulations. The inverter was installed, and the whole system tested and commissioned in a couple of hours on the Tuesday morning. We produced 11kWh of free, clean electricity on day one, despite the overcast November conditions.”

Harry’s system dilutes his electricity bill and earns a tax-free, guaranteed income for 20 years. And because we subsidise the cost of a solar lantern every time someone buys a system from us, a family in Africa will also benefit from Harry’s decision to choose Planet Solar.

We’re here to make going solar simple – to arrange a survey or just to find out more, please contact us.


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