Danny Kennedy hopes to spark a “Rooftop Revolution”

Danny Kennedy launches his new book, the key messages are valid anywhere there’s daylight! You can order a hardcopy or e-book HERE Also check out Danny’s website HERE which is loaded with fantastic information, and great infographics.

Breakdown of your average utility bill

Here’s how the average domestic energy bill is broken down: Government environmental initiatives have an impact on the cost of your gas and electricity, because a proportion of your bill is used to subsidies them. These charges are not itemised … Continued

A brief history of solar

This comes via SunRun, a US based domestic solar installer. Some of the history is US focused but the key milestones are fascinating!  

Top 10 countries using solar

This is an up-to-date analysis. Sure, some of the leaders are sunnier than here, but Germany (ranked #1), Belgium and Czech Republic all share the same solar irradiance profile as us.

Five solar myths busted

As an industry, we’ve had to work extremely hard to dispel multiple myths about the true value of solar. The infographic below busts five myths that have been around for years. Click on the image to view full size.