In 2009, Solar Aid had sold a cool 5,000 solar lights across rural Africa. Last year, the team set a massive challenge: to sell 1,000,000 lights by March 2014.

That’s a lot of clean light.

On Tuesday 25th March 2014 the MILLIONTH solar light was sold!


Read about the massive difference this milestone has made to the lives of 6 million people by clicking HERE. Planet Solar donates two solar lights on behalf of every customer we work with – so THANK YOU to everyone that’s worked with us so far. You have made a huge difference. And a heartfelt THANK YOU to the team at Solar Aid who add real meaning to our small business through your amazing work. The next milestone is to eradicate toxic and deadly kerosene lamps from rural Africa by 2020. This won’t be easy, but I can’t help feeling we’ll be celebrating again before the end of this decade.

And if you need a little persuasion to get involved, watch this short film…


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